Investors Forum India was established 12 years ago under the direction of Business and Investment expert Mr. Neeraj Sharma of as a part of a broader initiative to improve the investment climate and to fill the gap in the industry.

IFI Provides investment advisory services, strategic research, investment indices and investment communication services, to support its client’s investment program. Investor Forum India advises clients by analyzing need, detailing, and comparison and provides three best solutions insight with Potential and challenges.

We knew, choosing the right solutions and development partners are pivotal to the successful delivery of each project. We work only with carefully selected and trusted partners. Construction companies with the size and pedigree to execute large scale projects flawlessly on time and within budget.

Creativity and risk management are central to IFI’s approach to development. Surveying market opportunities; testing concept feasibility with governmental agencies and neighborhood groups; managing entitlement timelines and duration; maximizing buildable programs are some of our plus points.

Satisfied customer is our all time priority .We put the customer at the heart of every decision we ever make, also creating and maintaining brand standards that give us a competitive advantage in all of our elevation.

All decision making within the group is focused through the prism of building wealth for our investor clients and managing the critical balance between risk and return.

And at last, finally this is what we have achieved in these 12 years.

  1. We have more than 10,000 satisfied customer bases.
  2. Company owns 50 Certified Investment Consultant.
  3. As of now company owns a turnover of 900cr per year.
  4. Up till now the company has offered more than 200 small firms to grow in their specific field.
  5. The company now holds more than 100 acres of official property in Delhi NCR and Dehradun respectively.
  6. Finally the company has grown to have a good hand in the market to successfully run the business in future as well.